Beyond North Korea, What’s the Outlook for Syria After the Singapore Summit

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After the widely followed Trump-Kim summit, what can this relationship lead to. Can this open political relations between the US and other countries that are not highly regarded by the international community lead to peace. In the meeting, there was no timelines set, which left many people with fueling concerns, but this was a big step in the right direction. Right now, the world is changing from a unipolar to multipolar powers, since the tension between the US and its well known allies (i.e. EU, Canada) is at new highs. The US-China relationship is escalating because of the new de facto embassy in Taiwan. In addition, the political outlook for the world is shaky because of ambiguity about different situations like the tariffs war, Iran, Brexit, Italy, and the Middle East (Syria and Yemen just to name a few.) But the summit was a great win for all parties of the international community.

The meeting between President Trump and Kim Jung Un looked genuine and both parties agreed to work on mutual groundwork. The denuclearization of the DPRK and the minimizing of US military presence in South Korea is on the way. While I was watching the news, Syria came to mind immediately. The Syrian situation has been going on for more than seven years but there has been no real resolution. “The biggest humanitarian crisis of our era” is what the UN has called the Syrian situation, which shows the magnitude of the crisis. The Syrian resolution has not come to fruition because most countries have different projections of Syria’s future. However, throughout the crisis in Syria, the North Korean-Syrian relationship did not change, but rather increased. So, can North Korea be the link between the US and Syria. As crazy as Dennis Rodman having a part of getting the Trump-Kim summit done, could North Korea be the facilitator of communications between Syria and the US. Many questions to be answered in the following months as we see what type of relationship will these two countries have and what is the situation between the US and its allies.

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